Puzzle No. 118-120 : Snake variants and a Nurikabe

Update : Nurikabe fixed. 

Right, so since I wasn’t in a mood to do anything for most of the day, and since I know I won’t get time later in the day, I knew I won’t be able to give any sort of quality today. Hence, 3 small, stupid, easy puzzles for you.

The first two are a variant of snake using Tapa clues. While I’m quite sure I’ve seen such a thing before(possibly in SVC), the most ones that have refreshed my memory on the variant can be found on Swaroop’s blog.

As such the rules are the same :

Draw a snake, that doesn’t touch itself even diagonally. Clue cells with numbers may not be filled in and tell the length of each consecutive black cell block in the eight surrounding cells. Two cell blocks clued by two different numbers must be separated by at least one white cell. <the last two statements taken from Melon’s Tapa description>. The difference from the ones on Swaroop’s blog however, is that mine don’t have the head and tail given. You need to determine those yourself.

Both rated easy.

Puzzle No. 118













Puzzle No. 119












Now to the Nurikabe. Its meh.

Rules for Nurikabe.

The “?” is an island of unknown size. Its size will be forced.

Rated : Too easy.


Puzzle No. 120



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