Puzzle No. 115 : (Two-pa)^2

Happy Fools’ day folks! Hope you enjoyed my little inversion series. 🙂 I believe this will be the last such post for now. I’ll get back to normal puzzles tomorrow mostly(or maybe take a break tomorrow for other things and get back on 3rd).

For those following my CTC exploits, I believe I can finally officially confirm it(I’m banking on nothing happening in the last half an hour or so, that would be cruel 😛 ) that I have finally, and I mean FINALLY topped the CTC timings for a day. 30th March was the day.

See regular Tapa rules.

1. This puzzle has exactly 2 solutions. In each solution, every clue must behave at least a little bit differently. This means, in a multi-digit clue, some of the digits can have the same behavior, but not all. The uniqueness of this puzzle lies in getting both the solutions simultaneously.

2. Draw two separate walls in each case, not touching each other(diagonal touching allowed).  The walls can be of any length, but there must be exactly 2.

Rated : Medium.

Solution here. Password – TPS.


Puzzle No. 115

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