Puzzle No. 105 : Y-YU-NO-MAS??

Isn’t it funny how, sometimes you get so clogged up in few negative aspects of your life that you forget about the things you have going for you? I got reminded of those things today, and it put me in a good enough mood to get an idea. I checked with a friend on the series I plan to put over the next few days and he thinks its good, so I’ll go along with it 😛 Here’s the first one. Since I haven’t made any of the rest yet, I can’t make any promises though.

Rules for Masyu.

What changes here is, ALL the given circles are wrong, and all possible circles are given. Confusing? Then read on.

1. The loop will NOT do the (turn at a black circle and not turn immediately after) thing. It may do anything at a black circle except that.

2. The loop will NOT do the (go straight through a white circle and turn immediately after on at least one side) thing. It may do anything at the white circle except that.

3. ALL cells the loop passes through that do not contain circles, must behave as if they contain either black or white circle of a regular Masyu. i.e. if the loop passes through a cell that doesn’t contain a circle, figure out which of a white circle/black circle of regular Masyu behavior is possible for this cell and proceed accordingly.

4. The loop needn’t pass through all cells in the grid but must pass through all the cells with circles.

Rated : Medium 

Solution here. Password – YU


Puzzle No. 105

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