Puzzle No. 102 : Akari [true-false pairs]

I have an exam tomorrow, and I’m going a bit crazy. Mostly the day’s been crap and my brain’s been haywire. Also, this is the 3rd Akari variant I’ve thought up today. First I thought up something that I happened to run into here just after thinking of it. I then thought of 1 with knight pieces, and happened to visit Zoltmeister’s blog where the pictures have wonderfully re-appeared, so I only now noticed that he’s already somewhat used that one too(when the pictures weren’t there, I didn’t really give the blog an extensive look. My bad). I really wanted one for myself today, so, quite simply, I’ve not visited a blog since then, and don’t really care if this one’s already been thought of. Its mine here and now :\ *stubborn kid* I really hope this is a good one.

Rules :

This is an Akari where for every pair of adjacent numbered cells, one is true and one is false. The false one must be replaced either by a light, or your average number-less light blocking black cell. The true one acts as a normal Akari clue. Determine which is which and solve the puzzle using regular Akari rules.

Rated : Medium, because honestly, I confused myself completely while solving this one. But I’ve already written above about my state currently, so won’t be surprised if its a bit easier than I think.

Solution here. Password – AM


Puzzle No. 102

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