Puzzle No. 100 : The Great Wall of Puzzlania?

Yea I suck at titles.

Anyway, this is a triple decker puzzle(to signify going into 3 digits and all I suppose). A 10×10 LITS is embedded in a hollow 20×20 Tapa which is in turn embedded in a hollow 30×30 Nurikabe.

The regular Rules :

Each partition follows the respective rules.

1. LITS.

2. Tapa. As in my earlier Tapas, the “=-=” clue means both clues are the same number.

3. Nurikabe.

Combined Rules :

1. There is no LITS logic outside the 10×10.

2. Tapa clues include Nurikabe and LITS parts of the grid as well in their application.

3. Nurikabe islands can travel into the inside grids as necessary, and can even contain Tapa clue cells in them, which will also be counted as 1 cell in the island count. There can still be white cells that are not islands as long as they don’t travel into the Nurikabe grid.

4. Draw a continuous wall considering all the rules.

A note : The 42 can only go as far as is necessary from the givens.

Rated : Marathon.

Solution here. Password – GW


Puzzle No. 100


5 comments on “Puzzle No. 100 : The Great Wall of Puzzlania?

  1. Completed this GReat Wall of India!! :p
    I found the LITS and TAPA part very easy.
    The nurikable part was hard..
    I took around 15 to 20 min in nurikable then got the uniqueness in the big numbers and then done..

    • When I started creating this, I was not really sure what to do and how to begin, so at the start I just placed clues hoping for the best, and grew into it. So I’m not really surprised the inner parts are easy. Hope it was still fun though 🙂

  2. Finally finished completing the wall ! I had most trouble working with the border clues in the nurikabe grid but surprisingly, after finding a connectivity logic at the top concerning the 29 and 7 clues , the rest of the bigger clues got resolved dead fast .Nice puzzle !

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