Puzzle No. 95 : Heyawake

Let me just say, that if yesterday’s was meh, this might be something worse unless its to your taste. Messed up the symmetry too for good measure. My defense? Apart from the usual exams thing, TVC XI is coming up and I’ve been trying to make head and tail of the variations put up this time. It seems to have more mathematics in it than my school years combined. While I’ve managed to do the first batch of Bram’s practice puzzles, I have a feeling the ones in the test may be a lot harder. I just hope they’re not fidgety.

Anyway, TVC XI test page can be found here. Its this weekend. I doubt I’ll be able to keep my run of best Indian going here :-s

Back to the puzzle now. Whatever be its shortcomings, I’m quite happy everything came to in different multiples of 3 😛

Rules for Heyawake.

Rated : Hard. Enjoy!

Solution here. Password – TM

Puzzle No. 95

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