Puzzle No. 94 : Nurikabe

I was 1st for most of today again in the Daily Tapa, and got beaten again late in the day. Meh. This almost makes me think of changing my routine of being among the first ones to do it everyday. Almost. At the very least, I beat top players like Melon, Para, Hideaki again so happy enough with that. Just wish I wasn’t such a screw up on other days.

Anyway, I’m tired, almost burnt alive in the heat today, got a headache, and really not feeling that up for anything. So this one may be meh. Hopefully it isn’t.

 Rules for Nurikabe.

Rated : Easy-ish.

Solution here. Password – MN

Puzzle No. 94


2 comments on “Puzzle No. 94 : Nurikabe

  1. Very fun and well-designed easy Nurikabe. Whenever you felt it may start to slow down, there was always an easy path waiting out their for the solver.



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