Puzzle No. 93 : Regional Yajilin

From the 14th to 18th I have my Preliminary exams in my college, which albeit I’m not gonna take that seriously, I do need a bit of time for. 😛 Then, from 23rd to 31st, I will be giving 3 exams to gain a certification from Oracle. After that, my university exams will be held through April. So, I guess you get the gist. Don’t expect much in the coming months.

Having said that, I’m quite happy with today’s and think I can be forgiven for the little anti-uniqueness measure I had to take because of the above mentioned time constraints and because I really wanted to put this one up for solving.

For the rules, I’ll just refer you to an older post of this puzzle type here. As I said, I’ve taken a shortcut and given you 2 places where the loop passes. 

Rated : Hard, me thinks.

Solution here. Password : PR


Puzzle No. 93


2 comments on “Puzzle No. 93 : Regional Yajilin

  1. Fantastic design and puzzle. Despite its hard nature, it had a very nice flow, with many enjoyable moments of contemplation. Great work.



    • Thank you for all the compliments on my work. Since you were so close, I was kinda hoping you would continue on your backward run through my puzzles since I know you regret not being able to find that many good Yajisan Kazusans around.. 😛 Also because I plan to use the diagonal theme in a future LMI test sometime, and was hoping for more feedback on those(I know the Akari was a fail). Ah well.

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