Puzzle No. 92 : Corral [Diagonal Vision]

First of all, I made 5 typos, 2 grammatical errors, and worst of all, 2 errors in the puzzle in yesterday’s post. I sincerely apologize for all that, we all have our bad days I suppose. Mine apparently involves editing the same post about 10 times. It is, as of this afternoon, finally fixed completely. I thought this might have something to do with the fact that I rushed the post to get it done before midnight. Therefore, I’ve taken some time out and created today’s now itself.

Secondly, I’ll put up pending solutions in a day or two.

Now finally to today’s puzzle. This will most probably be the last of my little diagonal series for now, nice timing I suppose as Diagonal Vision on LMI is also ending today. 😛

Follow regular Corral rules.

Difference is, the clues, instead of showing visibility in orthogonal directions, show the visibility from the cell(including itself just like in normal Corral) in diagonal directions. The “?”s are just cells within the loop and can be any number.

Rated : Easy.

Solution here. Password – DC


Puzzle No. 92


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