Puzzle No. 90 : Heyawacky

I’ve been sleeping all day. Hence the slight delay(its half an hour to go for the day to end here in India!) and also the overflow of “z” Pentominos. I tried to make it fully pentomino-regions, but only after making most of the structure did I realize I don’t know how to count to 15 either(We’ve already realized by one of my birthday puzzles 21 is my weak point as well). Hah well, close enough. To be fair to myself, I was a bit distracted with refreshing the CTC timings page as I was 1st for most of today(finally, after a long list of different screw ups to my name) which has also recently been usurped by Nikola. Hah well, close enough.

So finally to the puzzle.

Rules for Heyawacky.

Rated : Possibly hard, but I’ve made enough hard ones of these, you readers may well be used to most of it by now, so I’ll keep it at medium.

Solution here. Password – NN.


Puzzle No. 90


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