Puzzle No. 89 : Akaris[Normal and Diagonal]

I won’t count these as 2 puzzles simply because as I was finishing the variant, the original was staring me in the face. But I suppose its still 2 for you all to solve 😀

Rules for Akari.

For the 1st one, the numbered clues mean the same(the lights are still horizontally/vertically adjacent as far as clue cells go), and the global constraints of every cell needing to be illuminated are the same. Only change is, the lights illuminate in all 4 diagonal directions and NOT horizontal/vertical directions. Just to clarify, this also means that the indirect rule that no light can be horizontally/vertically adjacent to another light is lifted.

The 2nd one follows normal Akari rules.

Rated : One is medium and the other is easy and I’m not sure which is which is which.

Solutions here. Password – AM


Puzzle No. 89 I












Puzzle No. 89 II

2 comments on “Puzzle No. 89 : Akaris[Normal and Diagonal]

    • Yea I know that, I ran out of time to really be able to change the rules though. It was much easier to just tweak it around and put up 2 puzzles to make up for it. Maybe next time. I remember Palmer making something similar, I’ll go back and see what he did on that one.

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