Puzzle No. 88 : Yajilin[Part-Diagonal Vision]

As promised, I’m back after a long lay-off… a whole day.

This was supposed to be quite a thematic tribute to this weekend’s LMI test, but I had to mess about with the numbers a bit. I still got it in one of the lines though albeit a bit upside down and here and there.

I then realized all too late that I’d messed up its symmetry too. All in all, not a good day.

In case you’re wondering, the upcoming test is Diagonal Vision, authored by Fred Stalder.

Here’s the Test Link.

Now back to the puzzle, and I hope its a fun solve at the very least since everything else is messed up.

Follow regular Yajilin rules.

In addition, some clues point diagonally instead of the usual horizontal/vertical pointing. The diagonals they point toward are specified by that small thick line in the corner of the clue-box. Each diagonal the number points towards contains that many shaded cells. Simple enough no?

Rated : Medium. Solution here. Password – FL


Puzzle No. 88

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