Puzzle No. 83 : Nurikabe

Time for some statistics.

Guess the number of

a) People who wished me this year.(Sorry about one little number being a bit off here 😉 )

b) People who wished me in 2011.

c) People who wished me in 2010.

d)  People whose wish this year meant a bit more than others.

e) Gifts I got this year.

Oh ya, the solitary 1 and the solitary 2 don’t mean anything.

Rules for Nurikabe.

Rated : Hard? Finally? I hope so. Else I’ve missed something, and I’m just as stupid at 21 as I was at 20…

Solution here. Password – SN


Puzzle No. 83


6 comments on “Puzzle No. 83 : Nurikabe

  1. I am very bad at guessing but still I will give a try
    a) ~ 60 people wished you this year
    b) ~ 80 people wished in 2011
    c) ~ 40 people wished in 2010
    d) 1 that is me only 😉
    e) 8 gifts

    Coming to the puzzle, it took around 15 min to solve. This is not completely hard but sure close to hard. Nice one.


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