Puzzle No. 55 : Tapa-Nurikabe Hybrid.

TVC X this weekend. IB and Submission link here.

So, I’m in a mad hurry.

Rules for Nurikabe, Rules for Tapa.

Rules for the hybrid :

The numbers are clues for both. They signify how many cells around them are shaded as in a Tapa, and the sum of the numbers in the clue cell indicates the Nurikabe clue. e.g. A single “4” is a 4 cell Island, and a “3-3” is a six cell island. The places where there’s “?”s though, it can be any size island with any number of shaded cells around it. A “?” is minimum = “1”. e.g. the same “?-?” can be a “3-2” Tapa clue and a “1+1=2” Nurikabe clue. No similarity restrictions as for numbered clues.

That should be all.
Rated : Medium.

Solution here. Password – TN


Puzzle No. 55


2 comments on “Puzzle No. 55 : Tapa-Nurikabe Hybrid.

    • Well, in Tapa, in a timed setting, there are a few tricks that have to be used that you may not need in other puzzle types to quicken your pace, so its understandable for someone used to the others for a long time to struggle with it. Anyway, glad you enjoy my variations. Its funny, to be honest, everytime I sit to build on a variation I’ve already used, I come up with a new one that I want to try. 😛 Thats the reason you see only the Tapa Mosaic twice.

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