Puzzle No. 47 : Tapa Mosaic

Update : Error fixed. Apologies.

I’ve decided on the name. Yay! Credit to Bram De Laat for the name, after my sorry effort in Puzzle 39, which I’ve now brilliantly changed as well.  Ta-da!

Rules : ALL classic Tapa rules apply, except that even the clue cells can(not a necessity) be part of the Tapa wall. e.g. a “5″ clue can make a “X” shaped pentomino across the 9 cells it is in the middle of, but not a “P” shaped one. Also, the “=” sign means all the clue digits of that cell are equal. e.g. a clue cell with 3 “=”s has to be “1-1-1”. 

Rated : Medium?

Solution here. Password – TM


Puzzle No. 47

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