Puzzle No. 45 : Corrals

First of all, I sincerely apologize for the 1st of these. I couldn’t resist 😛

Happy Valentine’s day folks!

Rules for Corral. <in below puzzles, “?” can mean any number and must be part of the corral loop>

Corral 1 : Ridiculously easy.

Corral 2 : Medium.

Solutions here. Password : HC


Puzzle No. 45 Corral 1

Puzzle No. 45 Corral 2


3 comments on “Puzzle No. 45 : Corrals

  1. Apology accepted.

    Gotta give you props for the great puzzles you have been pushing out this year. Good variety and solid constructions/designs. Haven’t seen this kind of puzzle energy since Mellow Melon’s blog first hit the scene.

    Thanks for all the fun.


    p.s. This is my version of a Valentine’s Day card right back at ya.

    • Thank you. 🙂 Mellow Melon’s blog’s actually one of the inspirations for me getting out a puzzle a day no matter what kind of day I’m having. The other one being the feeling that I owe the puzzle world, for my own reasons. I honestly thought I’d have dried up around the 20 mark though, never thought I’d continue the frequency till now, contribute a puzzle for an LMI test, and have the confidence to create a puzzle whenever I need to, all by mid Feb itself. Its all been great, and it feels great that people are enjoying my creations too. Hope it continues.

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