Puzzle No. 44 : Regional Yajilin

Firstly, I’m the highest ranked Indian performer in the Tapa Variations Contest IX that just got over (refer to the Puzzle No. 41 post for details.) and I’m quite pleased with myself for it 😛 Congrats to motris(Thomas Snyder) for taking a big early lead this year.

You can view the scores here .

Secondly, for today’s puzzle, I was tempted to follow Heyawake rules too, but decided on just the Yajilin variation instead of a Hybrid as I felt it would get too crowded up, but if people feel differently I’ll definitely try it out later.

Now to the puzzle.

Follow the rules of Yajilin. Instead of the usual arrow-clue-type, the numbers in the top left of the region give how many shaded cells there are in that region.

Rated : Medium, but of course its something slightly new so I’m not sure.

Solution here. Password – RY


Puzzle No. 44


9 comments on “Puzzle No. 44 : Regional Yajilin

  1. I had quite a bit of fun with this puzzle. I suspect this variation has considerable legs, to the extent of establishing a new standard type. I also speculate the grids can get much more spare and still remain well-defined.

    I’m not particularly fond of the rectangular partition of unclued areas ; it seems extraneous, and can potentially mess the aesthetics of a grid, esp. one with non-rectangular clues.

    As for inclusion of Heyawake restrictions, I can see it working either way

    • I agree this one has quite a bit of potential, and of course its possible to branch out, probably make irregular regions and remove the unnecessary un-clued areas. But this was a first so I stayed within a bit of familiarity(personally I like making the partitions and then creating the puzzle accordingly as far as possible). Maybe next time, and I’d love to see what more experienced constructors can do with this variation.

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