Puzzle No. 43 : Heyawake

Enjoyment wise, best weekend ever. Health wise, the weekend’s been meh. Another mad headache right now, so you can maybe forgive me for taking a few shortcuts with this one.

Rated : Hard, I suppose.  I don’t think I’ve used this many one-cell rooms at all since my numberless Heyawake!

Rules for Heyawake (under the name Room and Reason).

Solution and tips here. Password – WW.


Puzzle No. 43


4 comments on “Puzzle No. 43 : Heyawake

    • Glad you enjoyed it, I was a bit apprehensive that I had to rush through the other 3 5×5 rooms but I tried to make it up with putting as much as I could in the corners, center and the left big room. The way the solution looks across the middle was a bit lucky though 😀

  1. Very enjoyable flow: think a bit then paint a bit all the way through. Next to no autopilot sections, and no grinding halts. Publication quality material.

    As for the centre bit, it’s not so much lucky as it is pretty inevitable, if you are to have lots of one cell rooms together.

    • Thanks, good to know it was so enjoyable.
      Yes, I’m familiar with the behavior of one-cell rooms, I’ve already used them extensively to get a logical break-in in my numberless Heyawake as I said in the description. I understand that they’re bound to go roughly in that diagonal formation, the luck I mentioned was the existence of a diagonal straight through the middle, which also made for some global logic in the bottom right. 🙂

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