Puzzle No. 42 : Nurikabe[all ones]

I admit, I’m having the usual more-hectic-than-the-weekdays-weekend, and I just added the extra rule to make the whole thing a little more challenging.

For what its worth, just got back from one of the most mental screenings I’ve been to, the United-Liverpool game. Glad United won, some wonderful new chants, and a wonderful screaming girl in the background. Good times. I now have a raging headache(totally worth it!) from shouting and singing my heart out and barely got this puzzle out just now.

Anyway, Rules for Nurikabe.

In addition, all 1s are given. i.e., none of the “?”s you see in the puzzle=”1”. They have to be islands though, not “0” either, just to clarify.

Rated : alas, I still think its around easy. But I have no clue.

Solution here. Password – Meh.


Puzzle No. 42


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