Puzzle No. 41 : LITS

Update : Slight error fixed.

In about 7-8 hours, the Tapa season will have officially begun. There are 2 simultaneous Tapa contests this time.

1. Tapa Variation Contests IX,X,XI,XII – To crown Tapa Master 2012.
IB and submission link for the first of these which will be held on 11th and 12th Feb is here.

2. Classic Tapa Contest – A new idea, where there will be one Classic Tapa puzzle to solve per day on an online interface over the length of the TVCs.

IB and submission link here.

Anyway, on to today’s puzzle, the Tapa fever seems to have stretched to other puzzle types too! Ignore the coloring, means nothing special I guess 😉

My first LITS!

Rules here (under the name “Tetra Firma”).

Rated : Medium  Solution here. Password – FL


Puzzle No. 41


4 comments on “Puzzle No. 41 : LITS

  1. Should the area which uses the right bottom square be split up into 2 areas? Because I keep running into no solution there as I have 2 seperate areas. I could be making a mistake, but the puzzle flows nicely till that point, and it would work if I were allowed to place 2 shapes in that area.

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