Puzzle No. 40 : Akari

Horrible, tiring day today. Submissions, problems, doctor’s appointment, blah blah. The only time I found is 5 min waiting for the Doctor to reach and thats when I made this one. Now I’m tired and dazed and hoping its a good one.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings,

Rules for Akari

Rated : Medium. Solution here. Password – VA.


Puzzle No. 40


3 comments on “Puzzle No. 40 : Akari

    • Thanks a lot for the prompt reply, now I can go rest. About the rating, its more to do with my lenient rating of earlier puzzles(at the start of my construction days), maybe I should raise the bar now that I’m probably capable of better, but that’ll cause a mismatch on the “medium” and “easy” category pages, so not sure what to do. Thanks for the Tapa feedback too, will reply tomorrow when I’m in a better state. Cheers.

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