Puzzle No. 39 : Tapa Mosaic

After the solve, I’d much appreciate any feedback regarding

a. Obviously, whether this was a fun solve.

(Assuming a is yes, go on)

b. Whether it’d be better off to color the ones in the Tapa wall say black at the start itself rather than leaving the solver to determine which is which(pros and cons either way).

c. Assuming you actually took time for a and b, I really need help here – A better name for this variation!


Rules – ALL classic Tapa rules apply, except that even the clue cells can(not a necessity) be part of the Tapa wall.  e.g. a “5” clue can make a “X” shaped pentomino across the 9 cells it is in the middle of, but not a “P” shaped one. So as you can make out, the clues are now for all 9 cells instead of just the 8 around. Any doubts/suggestions welcome.

Rated : Hard, simply due to unfamiliarity.

Solution here. Password – LA.


Puzzle No. 39

4 comments on “Puzzle No. 39 : Tapa Mosaic

  1. a) I liked it. It gives way to some new number patterns.
    b) I’m all for determining which are in the wall and which aren’t.
    c) I am never able to think of good names either, although Sea Battle and Pentopia did sound nice. You could maybe go for Tapa Mosaic. Mosaic is a name used in Dutch magazines for Fill-a-Pix puzzles sometimes, which have the same clue idea.
    d) I think there is a slight spot of non-uniqueness in the left bottom corner. There’s 2 cells between the 3 and 5, either of which could be coloured.

  2. a) Yep, nice variant!
    b) No need. The 1s were no harder to deduce than anything else. Some givens would spoil the clean layout, so avoid at all costs.
    c) Nonotapa? (to imply 9 squares rather than 8). I had the Tapa/Fill-a-Pix methods competing in my head as I solved this.
    d) The version I just download solves uniquely.

    • b) I’m happy the vote’s been towards not needing to specify which clues are part of the wall so far, only reason I asked is I can’t really think of as many definitive starting point patterns as in classic Tapa, so the variety of solve may be limited. Probably I’m not thinking hard enough 😛
      c) Even I thought of some 9-related name but then chucked it because, though the 9 squares are eligible, the 9 squares cannot possibly be shaded, maximum possibility is still 8 on that. So I think I’m still edging toward Para’s suggestion now as that does cover the “clues can be shaded” part well.

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