Puzzle No. 35, 36 : Tapa Variations!

I might be out the entire day tomorrow, so just in case 🙂

Anyway, was just playing around with these as the TVCs are coming up.  If they’re rubbish, then I sincerely apologize for wasting your time. 😉

Puzzle 35 –

Anglers Tapa –

Using the Angler clues on the outside, draw paths to the fishes, these paths must be part of a connected Tapa wall, using Tapa clues inside the grid. The fish are part of the cell count for Angler clues, but not part of the Tapa wall. The wall cannot cross cells other than the Angler paths.

Example  –









The puzzle (Rated Medium) : Solution here. Password – ANT

Puzzle No. 35












Puzzle 36 –

Akari Tapa – Using the Tapa clues construct a Tapa wall. In addition, using the Akari clues, light up all the white cells. The Tapa wall blocks the illumination path of the lights. Tapa clue cells are considered as white cells, but cannot have lights in them.

Rated easy.  Solution here. Password – AKT

Puzzle No. 36


5 comments on “Puzzle No. 35, 36 : Tapa Variations!

  1. Your example uses all of the tapa wall as one or more fishing lines. Is that a requisite as that greatly changes the solving methods. Based upon bad results from such assumption, I assume not, but was curious based on the example (and my poor tapa skills). Thx.


  2. Great akari tapa as well. Gotta go back to work now, but your puzzles were great diversions while updating other computer items online. Thanks for the great puzzles.


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