Puzzle No. 33 : Nurikabe

I’m actually really happy with this one. 😛

Rules for Nurikabe.

Rated : Medium, maybe a bit more than medium but what would I know.

Solution here. Password – LN


Puzzle No. 33

4 comments on “Puzzle No. 33 : Nurikabe

  1. Perhaps I massively short-cutted the intended solving logic here, but there are enough squares not reachable by any islands to make this fairly straightforward. I’d say it was medium only by virtue of some global logic needed at the end…


    • I’ll have to look at it again, I haven’t noticed the island reachability solving that much of it. Maybe I didn’t pay much attention, but if the global logic you talk about is what I think it is(around the bottom right), then that came about around half way in my (I’ll admit, rather hurried) test solve. Anyway, as per our chat when I created my first Nurikabe, I think if you found it just about medium, my rating is fair 😉

  2. I like how many of your solves involve pause and consider moments in the middle – usual involving global constraints.

    Fun. Thanks.


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