Puzzle No. 32 : Akari

Firstly, 3 important announcements –

1. Pending solutions have all been added.

2. People who don’t know that the Graffiti Snake(Puzzle 30) is updated, and who used the bottom row to start it last time, try it again.

3. I may be making a slight percentage more of easy puzzles in the first half of February, as I have some important exams coming up. Its basically what I can conjure up in 15 minutes which is all the time I can afford to this for now. Mind you, I mostly take around that amount of time anyway, so I’ll try my best to involve a little bit of thinking, which I think this puzzle has. You can decide for yourself though.


Rules for Akari.

Rated – Easy-ish. Solution here. Password – WA.


Haha I seem to have forgotten to upload the puzzle 😛 Sorry about that.. here it is :

Puzzle No. 32

By Prasanna Seshadri Posted in Akari, Easy

2 comments on “Puzzle No. 32 : Akari

  1. Yes, a well constructed easy puzzle. I have dialogued with Mellow Melon about this as well, and I just dont think easy puzzles will bring new viewers to your blog. There are many sites for new puzzlers to find easy puzzles, like puzzlepicnic, You are capable of making very nice hard puzzles, and that is your highest and best use.



    • I’ve read that dialogue you speak about, and I disagree. Some of my friends have showed quite a bit of interest simply because I’ve started creating them 😉 Only problem right now is its nearing the end of semester exam time, so not many people are free to get into this seriously. But its nice from time to time to make something for them.

      However, I do promise that the main reasons for any easier puzzles will be a lack of time rather than bringing new viewers in. I’m caught between a promise to myself of a puzzle a day for as much as possible in 2012, and the lack of time to keep that promise.

      Its always inspiring to hear an experienced puzzler say I’m capable of more. Thanks.

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