Puzzle No. 29 : Yajisan Kazusan

Another first timer. Hope I’ve made a good one. Btw, what-a-time for Nadal-Djoker to take it to a 5th for the first time, I still have to attempt the Sudokucup! :\

Rules for Yajisan Kazusan.

Rated : Medium? Not sure.

Solution here. Password – YK.


Puzzle No. 29


4 comments on “Puzzle No. 29 : Yajisan Kazusan

  1. Tough to find fun ones of these. This broke in one area and then it all unfolded a bit too quick. Keep up the good effort though.



    • Well now I see it again, you’re right, it did do that. In my defense, I neither concentrated much on creating this one, nor did I test it. I think I can blame the Aussie Open final for that, without any guilt. Will surely take a shot at making a more fun solve of this type in future.

  2. For an easy puzzle,you got to try find and putting together some basic clue placements that comes with this puzzle type,Presence of both positive and negative clues here make way for some good combinations.You might want to use adjacent pairs of clues pointing in the same direction.

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