Non-puzzle post No.1 – MUFCM

I’ve had a few distractions lately and have fallen behind on the puzzle creation. So the puzzle solving fans of this blog will have to wait either for another 6-7 hours while I take a good long nap, or will be treated with 2 puzzles tomorrow.

Anyway,  I went to a screening hosted by Manchester United Fan Club Mumbai(MUFCM) after a long long time yesterday. I’ve been a regular for a while now so its been frustrating how different things have clashed and made me miss the last few screenings. I was expecting to enjoy every moment with my good ol’ friends over at the Irish Pub where we hold our screenings.

What I got was way more than I had expected. I guess my brain is not fit enough to recreate such wonderful experiences accurately from memory. The energy was unbelievable, and United winning 2-1 made for a hilarious send-off of the Arsenal fans who had showed up and made themselves heard ever so briefly when Van Persie had equalized.

For any fan who can’t visit Old Trafford, this is THE place to be.  Thank you, and hope to see all of you guys during next weekend’s FA cup game 🙂

Photo taken by Sunil Thakur


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