Puzzle No. 14 : Heyawake + Masyu variation.

So today, I will make you create a puzzle if you want to. If you don’t want to, there’s still 2 puzzles to solve if you read on 🙂

First, below all this is a Heyawake(Room and Reason) puzzle. <If you just want to get to the 2nd puzzle and not create it( 😉 ), go to the 2nd paragraph after the bullet points>. If you want to do the whole thing, there’s a guide grid. This guide grid is made up of 3 colors, yellow, blue and white. Now, as you shade in the Heyawake, if the shaded regions correspond to

  1.  White cell – Make it a white Masyu circle.
  2. Yellow cell – Make it a black Masyu circle.
  3. Blue cell – Make it a grey Masyu circle.

Once you finish this, it’ll be a Masyu variation with grey circles. I’ve seen Masyus with grey circles on other blogs but my greys behave  a bit differently probably. At a grey, the loop has to turn. On one side of the turn, the loop has to turn immediately again. At the other side, the loop cannot turn immediately. To better illustrate this, below is an example with its ONLY solution. You can find that puzzle directly here (Password – BWG).

Example :

Example solution






Anyway, here’s the first puzzle with a separate grid with the guides :

Rated : Medium each, both this and the 2nd part. Construction and Solving tips added. Password : 121. Enjoy!

Puzzle No. 14

Guides for Part 2.


3 comments on “Puzzle No. 14 : Heyawake + Masyu variation.

  1. Your greys behave exactly as my greys do.If you chose to leave the masyu “creation” to the reader(which could be a random puzzle),does it not imply there is no strong link between the top one and the bottom one? Instead,the heyawake should have had a configuration that would have forced the path to largely depend on a valid pearl placement for the masyu.

  2. The heyawake as a stand-alone puzzle was a pleasant solve,except,20 cells in the right half can be shaded independently,rather than opening up during the flow.

  3. Well I wasn’t sure of that coz your greys and some other blog’s greys confused me 😛 Erm, actually, I was out of ideas on how to link the two once I’d created it. The point of this is not to create a strong link or anything but just to experiment with the idea that you can create one by solving one. I’m still new to puzzle creation, this is actually my 18th puzzle(the 3 that have been skipped will appear soon enough), so I’m still exploring the possibilities. Probably once I’m more polished I can try what you suggest with the linking.

    I know what you mean about the Heyawake, but by that stage I’d gotten too far into the double thing. I have concentration issues 😛 Did you try the Masyu part?

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