Puzzle No. 12 : Puzzle Relay

Finally fixed, fully thanks to Y.Y.Weiss for taking the time to put in said fix and sending it to me.

This is a case of great idea, hectic day, not so great execution. But you may still enjoy it.

This is a puzzle relay. The same grid can first be solved as a Nurikabe, then as a Tapa, then as a Corral. In Tapa the 12 becomes 1 and 2. I have attached 3 grids as well to help with the solving.

Numbers in Red and Blue indicate the number of common shaded cells in that row/column between the Nurikabe and the Tapa. The Red ones mean that there has to be at least one  shaded cell in the Tapa that wasn’t in the Nurikabe, and the Blue ones mean that there cannot be any extra shaded cell in the Tapa, the shaded cells must be a subset of the ones in the Nurikabe.

Numbers in Green indicate the number of cells in that row/column that were NOT part of the Tapa wall but ARE visible in the Corral loop.  Numbers in Purple indicate the number of cells in that row/column that are part of the Tapa wall and are visible in the Corral loop as well.

Rated : Medium simply due to accumulation.  Construction and solving tips added. Password – 3. Enjoy!

Puzzle No. 12












Three grids

6 comments on “Puzzle No. 12 : Puzzle Relay

  1. Along the top you have 284445 as red,blue,blue,blue,blue,red. According to your solution they should be: red,blue,blue,blue,RED,red.
    I like the idea of clues linking different puzzle types, but you’re right that they ended up a little complicated this time. 🙂

    • Haha, you’re right, I confused myself there. 😛 I’ll change it tomorrow. Feeling incredibly lazy right now.

      Even I loved the idea once I got it. I surely will try it again sometime soon, in a less complex presentation. Problem with me is, too many ideas, too less creation experience… Hopefully that’ll all change soon 😛

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