Puzzle No. 8 : Masyu Variation

A week’s over. Time to do something random and weird. Why? Because I’m random and weird.

This is a Red,Black and White puzzle. Solve it using regular Masyu rules. One added thing. In every group of two adjacent red boxes, one of them has all the clues correct and one of them has all the clues wrong(i.e. whites become blacks and blacks become whites). You have to determine which is the right box and which is the wrong one and solve accordingly. Simple enough eh?

 Rated : Hard(???). Construction and solving added. Enjoy!

Puzzle No. 8

By Prasanna Seshadri Posted in Hard, Masyu

6 comments on “Puzzle No. 8 : Masyu Variation

  1. This was enjoyable. Hard? This felt no different from how a regular masyu would solve.I can see the same deductions,and the smooth flow from the left bottom suggests a medium difficulty. The problem with this variation is ,you only need to find which ones are the liars,which is only momentary deduction,for every pair in the path.Then it slips into the classic mode.

  2. I agree its mainly simple masyu deductions. But I’m trying to get some of my friends to solve the ones on here. I tell them to try the mediums and easys and steer clear of the hards. So you will have to allow for a few to be rated hard simply because I feel it may be confusing to them. I believe the next time I rate a puzzle hard, its actually gonna be hard though so stay tuned 😛 As for the variation, I agree its not much of a variation but this was actually supposed to be part of a whole series, but then I felt that the way it gets included in that series was quite lame, so left it out 😛 Haven’t yet had time to create all of that series, you’ll have to see that later on I guess 😉

  3. hehe. Well you’ll have to be patient, coz I don’t see the time for it in the near future. Have other puzzle related commitments as of now. will have to put up a few easy ones for a while after the next 4-5 I think :\

  4. Great puzzle. Yes it was medium-ish, but I will say that although the liar deductions were prompt, it may sound silly but not messing up on the reverse clues in the 4 false boxes slowed things down. Nice flow to the solution as well.



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