Puzzle No. 6 : Heyawake

This is a Heyawake puzzle. Click on the link for description(mellowmelon just has Heyawacky’s description so I linked it to mathgrant’s rules who created it under the name “Room and Reason”).

I believe the starting point can be found logically, but it requires quite a bit of thinking. Just in case you can’t/don’t feel like finding it logically I hope I’ve added enough in it to make the rest of the puzzle fun.

Rated : Hard. Construction and solving hints added. Password : NLH. Enjoy!

Puzzle No. 6

7 comments on “Puzzle No. 6 : Heyawake

  1. Deb – Glad you enjoyed it. I thought hard about how to make the break-in logical without numbers and once I had done it, the logical solve still hadn’t struck me. It was only after looking at it again that I got how it can be done using the corners without trial and error, and then I was very pleased with it. 😛 This is probably one of the only ways a logical break in is possible without numbers in this puzzle type.

    Rajesh – Thank you.

  2. Maybe it would be more fair if you explicitly published the size of the grid? Haha. Anyhow, I think I saw a more subtle variation on the theme in the heyawake in Kota’s habenero newsletter thing in Eger, but that didn’t quite pull off numberless. As I said before, that’s probably for the best because once you get going they then tend to solve themselves.

    Actually I was a little surprised to see that whilst it was fairly steady progress, it wasn’t completely trivial to finish the puzzle off once you got the break in. Well done!

    • Hehe. Thanks 🙂 I deliberately tried to make it slightly challenging even after the break in so that its fun even if I don’t get a logical break in. Glad you enjoyed that. Do get the habenero newsletter the next time I keep getting more and more impressed by it. Would like a copy.

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