Puzzle No. 5 : Corral

This is a Corral puzzle. While I’m at it I must say that I used to be utterly clueless at solving this puzzle type until I read this wonderful post by motris, since then its been a type I’m most confident at solving. In effect the part that helped me most was to shade in the parts in the loop instead of just drawing a loop. There’s an escape logic that arises and some other quick deductions which really assists the solve. Very much worth a read.

Anyway, here it is. Rated : Easy-ish. Construction and Solution added. Would like Manchester United fan friends of mine to check the Solution even if you’re not into Puzzles 🙂 Password : 67.


Puzzle No. 5



2 comments on “Puzzle No. 5 : Corral

  1. I broke it yesterday and thought I made a mistake somewhere. I didnt restart, may be because I’m not a MU fan.

    I’m looking at the solution now, it looks like the puzzle is really broken. 11 at the right most column should be 13

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