Puzzle No. 4 : Nurikabe-Masyu Combination

So I tried a new variation on the 4th day. To the best of my knowledge this one is my original(well not much, since all I’ve done is combine 2 common types in a mildly confusing way) but I obviously haven’t seen all the puzzles ever made 😉 Anyway, I’ve had to add a rules page for this thing, I’d love to know if I should continue trying to experiment or if I should just shut it and stick to normal ones(too late though, already have a few more experiments scheduled).

This is a Nurikabe+Masyu/Pearly Streams Puzzle. Click on the name for description. Naming idea inspired by mathgrant‘s naming conventions 😛

Rated : Medium(???)  Construction and Solving tips with solution added. Password : NM. Enjoy!


Puzzle No. 4



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