Puzzle No.1 : Heyawacky

On the 23rd of December, I made my first puzzle. It was extremely easy and far too symmetric, but it was a start, so I consider it a necessity to upload this one first. One for the newcomers this. I would suggest to the experienced puzzlers to start from the next one. Enjoy!

Erm, I forgot this yesterday – Thanks to Vasso Kalaitzidou for testing this puzzle and agreeing with me that its far too easy and symmetric 😛

This is a Heyawacky puzzle. Click on the link for the puzzle description. I know, started with a variation, silly me. Anyway, I have tweaked the placement of the numbers in some of the regions, but I guess I can be excused for my first puzzle 😛

Rating – Ridiculously Easy . If necessary/interested, see Construction, solving and other thoughts. Since it appears as a kind of spoiler on the page otherwise, I have made it password protected. Password : 1-1-2012

Puzzle No. 1


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